Quick Tip - Fill In As Much Information As Possible

Don’t leave money on the table! :moneybag: Make sure you fill out ALL the product information fields when listing an item on Amazon.

Here’s why:

:memo: Title & Bullet Points - Include your main keywords so customers can find your product. Write compelling bullet points that highlight your product’s features and benefits.

:camera: Images - Use high-quality photos that show your product from multiple angles. Zoom in on important details.

:bar_chart: Keywords - Optimize your backend keywords so your items appear in relevant searches. Don’t keyword stuff, but do include variants.

:label: Attributes - Fill out as much info as possible like color, scent, material, etc. This helps customers find what they want.

:ballot_box_with_check: Category & Browse Tree - Make sure you assign the most specific categories. This helps get your product seen by people browsing that category.

When you take the time to complete all fields accurately and enticingly, your Amazon listings can rank higher and convert better! More sales for your business starts with compelling product listings. :rocket:


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Thank you for sharing the tips! :ok_hand: