Questions regarding ungating


I am so confused, could anyone clear this out for me.

I am new, almost every category is gated for me.

Saw a few videos where, they say buy 10 units from an authorized distributor or wholesaler, submit the invoice and you are good to go.

The part that confuses me, is the address on the invoice, for example I am not a US resident, I am ungating for amazon USA

How can the delivery address be the same.

As my address on my seller central account is not of USA.

Regards and thanks for guidance

When you’re ungating for Amazon USA, the shipping address on the invoice from the authorized distributor or wholesaler doesn’t necessarily have to match your seller central account address. However, you seller central address should be included as the buyer/ billing address.

The invoice is mainly used as proof of purchase and authenticity of the products. As long as you have the required documentation and meet the criteria set by Amazon, you should be able to proceed with the ungating process.

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Thank you :smiling_face: