Questions about Amazon Brand Registry

I’m in the process of brand registration and I have three questions:

  1. Should I order the goods and have them shipped to Amazon and list them as generic before the brand gets approved? (I tried to list them with my brand name but got the error message saying that I needed to register the brand first.)

  2. What if the brand is not approved but the goods are already shipped?

  3. If the brand is approved, can I change from generic to my brand after the goods are shipped?

Thank you!

Good questions–briefly:

  1. No. Have you at least done brand approval?

  2. Stranded inventory

  3. No–rebranding is against Product Detail Page Rules.

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  1. First do brand registration


Make your product packaging like your brand name exact font size and logo must be affixed on packaging to share pics

  1. Converting from generic to brand it’s tough