Question on Multi/single pack listing

Hello all,

I have an active FBA listing where I am selling pack of 2 of a product. Now I am willing to also sell pack of 1 for the same product and as per my understanding I have to create variation in the quantity and it will be added as a child listing under my existing listing (Pack of 2 listing).

But for some reason it doesn’t give me an option to add any variations and it says “Variations are not available for this category”.

I don’t want to create a new listing and rank it up again, need your suggestions and help in this please.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I am interested to know any suggestion on this matter too. Hope the guru’s can pitch in.


Variations allow you to group similar products with different attributes, such as size or color, under one listing. However, not all categories on Amazon support this feature.
If you believe there may be an error or you are unsure why variations are not available for your category, you can contact Amazon’s Seller Support for clarification. They can provide guidance on the specific category limitations and help you understand your options.


Variations are not allowed in every category. You will need to create a new listing with different UPC code.


I already did this and received a copy and paste answer.

Then it will be better to sell them on eBay I guess. Too much hassle and I don’t believe they would sell without ranking.

Thank you all for your responses.

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You’re welcome.

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