Question for experts

Should I go on such listing with no current sellers, given that I already sell other products of the same brand?

What would you suggest?

Looks like an IP claim to me

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Why there are no sellers? Might be because of everyone is OOS?

Research more on this product. There’s a sudden drop of sellers, we don’t know if that’s because of OOS. Look further if the Amazon is in there the whole time in the past year, are you still profitable whit the Amazon price? Click the all range period to analyze all time. This is high risk product. However if you want to try, test buy at least 2-3 qty.

I personally would not touch this listing. There has not been a normal seller count since the huge drop. Wishful thinking always ends up screwing you.

The only issue i can see is the sudden drop of sellers ! When amazon comes back in stock do you think you are still profitable?

Sudden drop on seller count - possibly due to an IP issue

Then the BS is increasing, no recent buy box price and Amazon can be back anytime Skip or monitor first