Question for any/all of you who has had success with Amazon or Amazon Handmade

When you first started- did you run ads?

How did you learn how to effectively run them?

What budget did you start out with?

How long did it take to see sales?


Trial and error, experimentation

Many years ago we purchased category featured, bold, and many times 2 categories. That was on eBay and I don’t remember the exact figure it was maybe around $300k per year. I call that advertising and it actually did work for us.

Now this PPC BS is a where a fool and their money will part quickly. For a long time my sales manager said we were blowing money on google ads. Well, I did not listen. Alphabet / Google became a much bigger online bully so I ended our ads. That was maybe $100k per year spend. Guess what, our sales did not drop…been running for years WITHOUT any PPC. Have tested some other advertising and everything that touches the internet turns out to be a waste of money.

Years ago, amazon started out with a PPC that would allow us to link to the landing page on our private website and the ads were only shown on the amazon domain, none of the affiliates. That worked.

When the ads circulate outside of the amazon domain that is where the major online fraud occurs. All of those with affiliate programs are the lions share of the fraud and they know it happens, yet it goes on. How do you think big tech got so big, it was not from being honest with folks.

Never happened from online advertising.


I agree that I never understood all the sellers who are willing to flush their money down the toilet to pay for PPC.

There are so many creative ways how sellers can advertise their items for free.


They like sipping the Kool-aid. (kool-aid is used in reference to Jim Jones in Guyana where all his “loyal followers” drank the Kool-aid and they even knew it was laced with cyanide.) I tossed that in because it happened back in 1978 and might not be known to many.

Its amazing how far a BS artist can go, look at how many have became billionaires at the expense of others, yet good folks still use the internet real estate those billionaires touch.


PPC is good when launching a new product but otherwise I agree with Kika and skeeter.

Invest the money into something else, such as branding or packaging

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No ordinary / reasonable person would do PPC on their own initiative. The only people doing it are those who bought courses or watched YouTube gurus and influencers….

I learnt to sell on Amazon myself and never found reason to consider trying it.

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There is definitely a way to reduce ACOS - its listing optimization with most relevant keywords added into title, bullet points and in description after that optimize your campaign weekly by adding new keywords, negative targeting changing budget strategy etc.

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PPC is not just to run an ads and wait for conversion/sales.
i agree as a new seller you have to spent on ppc and also to do brand awareness too.
but it doesn’t mean to bleed badly and spent all your investment on ppc and do not rank organically.
there are other factors too that need to be checked before running ppc.

  1. Listing.
    listing should be optimized mean the most relevant kws must be used in title, bullet point and description. it will help you in ppc and compaign creation and can easily rank you on that kws.
  2. Images.
    as i have experienced most of the sellers focus on ppc but do not focus on images which is the most attractive thing and customers and can increase your CTR and CVR.
  3. A+ content.
    EBC/A+ content is very important and can play a vital roll in product promotion and sales.
    proucts with good images and eye catching bullet points and description can impact on customer mind.
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That is why you are successful.

Pretty sure amazon is working the backside of that too, amazon gains the most hence the probability of them doing some covert social engineering is high.

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