Question about ungating


I am placing a big order (considering my account level) from a distributor. Is it a good idea to add 10 unit of brand(s) that I would like to ungate on my account along with this order?

It is a national distributor with FC in several states and high MOQ but I have not used its invoice for ungating before.

Please guide.

I would only try one ungating brand at first to see if AZ accepts it.

I also only buy 3-10 of an item at first to test, even if you have to buy else here at a loss.

Don’t assume you can sell anything just because others are.

I have had around 20 items that I have never been able to get the buy box on when sold at the same price as others. I have had to take a loss on these 20 items to liquidate after 180 days of no sales.

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Thanks for the advice

Definitely. The big distributors are actually known for sure by amazon. If you have checked their “age” and they already have a bunch of years on the market…all is well

Double check the amount of units required to purchase for ungating first. Amazon have been changing it up recently.

Yes, it’s a good idea to add 10 units of brands you want to ungate. Ensure the invoice includes your business information, item descriptions, and quantities. Amazon usually accepts invoices from reputable national distributors, which can help you get ungated.

I got ungated using that method in some listings. Worst scenario is you need to keep or sell the 10 units somewhere else.

If the brand ur ungating is profitable then yeah add 10 units. Ungating is never guaranteed but thats just how it is on amazon.

Of course the ASIN I want to order of this brand is profitable. I couldn’t find a wholesale with low MOQ so decided to do this instead.

I think you are over thinking, just order the units you want to ungate.