Question about selling used electronics

have a question about selling used electronic items on amazon via fbm where I will be fulfilling the items myself. I see that you have to have a Order Defect Rate (ODR) of less than 1%. That means only 1 in 100 returns can come back saying item defective.

How do you this with used electronics. As naturally the return rate is quite high on these items, even if it has been fully tested if the customer does not know how to connect all the items etc they may just return saying defective etc.

How do you keep the ODR under 1% ?

Hi @Carol

ODR (Order defect rate) is calculated over a 60-day period, so it doesn’t take too long to recover from a higher rating. There are three different ODR components to take into consideration, and how to avoid them.

Order defect rate

Amazon customer use the words like “defective” to avoid paying return shipping. There might also be a case where you send your product to them, and they return their old, broken-down junk.

You can try to void these by taking photos of your items before you ship them. If the items you receive back are not the same and/or damaged, you will be able to charge a restocking fee, and file a SAFE-T claim.

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it is important to ensure accurate and detailed product descriptions, including any potential limitations or requirements for the item’s functionality. Additionally, providing comprehensive customer support, including clear instructions and troubleshooting assistance, can help reduce the likelihood of customers returning items due to lack of knowledge or difficulties in connecting them. Properly testing and refurbishing the electronics before sale can also minimize the chances of selling defective items.



Amazon isn’t the place for that sort of business. There is no flexibility in the rules, with anything used or second hand the returns are higher, so unless you are doing the volume accounts get closed. A few yeas ago Amazon used to have a different set of reference points which meant used sold well because there was flexibility in your stats. There is no longer flexibility. Hence you don’t see used as much on Amazon. Most of the used are part of the Amazon Renewed program.

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