Question about marketing my items on FB


I have a few questions if anyone can help.

I have a business Facebook page and an online store. With reading everything, I am still hesitant on how to “market” items on FB.

Can I create Canva boards and link items in the comments, no prices of course. Also, can I post those boards on Pinterest?

I have a business account there as well.

Thank you for any clarity.

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I have no experience with that but I think it is a great idea! Especially for Pinterest.

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If you are in the USA be careful, California will come after you for taxes because of the nexus.

We had our own social media team in house, I shut it down because it was a total waste of resources. Way too many negatives to overcome. What you will find is the activist buyers from the online market places will go to your FB page and attack your company if you don’t submit and send them free stuff.

Competitors will also do the same thing. That does not leave you with much to engage with, engagement with the buyer is what sells the product. Then to have a constant stream of hate to deal with on a weekly basis is something we don’t need to deal with.


Be careful - reusing some product images for business promotions can be prohibited without permission.