Question about brand registration

Hi, a question, do I need an EAN or GTIN code to list products on Amazon after brand registration?

I need to add 23 different variants of products, so if you could give me some tips on this.

Yes you need to purchase EAN or UPCs to list your all variations on amazon.

For 23 variations you need 23 EAN or UPCs.

Other option is you can go for GTIN exemption.

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Hi @ePrinter_Supplies

Once you’ve enrolled in Brand Registry, you can register your products to your brand and gain access to A+ Content, Amazon Stores, and Sponsored Brands.

That will required Product ID: A unique UPC that is registered with

Register products

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Yes, you need a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) or EAN (European Article Number) code to list products on Amazon after brand registration. Most of Amazon’s categories require sellers to use a product identifier to make new product listings and pages. The GTIN required varies by category, but EANs or UPCs are the most commonly used.
If you don’t have a GTIN or EAN code for your product, you can apply for a GTIN exemption. If the product is not already in the Amazon catalog and does not already have a GTIN, you can apply. This can be a handmade product, wholesale product, your own private label, or a new bundle you have created.