QR codes scratched out on products

Hi everyone

I received a delivery of goods today and what I noticed is the QR codes are scratched out !

I contacted the supplier to ask why, it wasn’t just one it’s the entire shipment and they told me that I was told that it’s decoded goods, I told them it looks fake to me so I want my money back, but he was no it’s not it’s decoded and they do it for whatever reason which I don’t believe and all I know it’s fake or they are hiding something. I was told that it was ordered for you and we are not taking it back.

My question is what to do with them and how to resolve this matter, just to mention they are a good size supplier and I bought a lot from them in the past.

Any advice?

I’m not sure what QR codes you are referring to? Transparency maybe?

In any case, it all sounds very suspicious and if I was in that situation, I wouldn’t even think twice about placing them on the market. No way.

You need to stand your ground and if they won’t agree to let you return them, you may have to go the legal route.

I would also be thinking twice about using that supplier again.


If you are certain that you received fake goods, I suppose you will never buy from them again, right? If so, please share the supplier so that we all know, and I can do some research about them.

2nd - Depending on where the supplier is based, contact the authorities if you are sure that you received fake goods.

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Hi Ahmad,

Thank you, I’ll definitely share their details once I sort this issue with them, They are based in the UK and I’II negotiate with them to get a refund, if they don’t give me a refund and start playing I’II get the brand involved and the authorities, Who would be the right place to contact trading standards?

Not transparency. They are the self-authentication codes which are often included on beauty product packaging so customers can verify their authenticity.

Regarding the authenticity of the product I’m not 100% sure if it’s fake but why would they remove every single QR code from each individual product, it must have taken them hours, I think they are hiding something and if the QR codes are are scratched and removed I don’t want to send them to Amazon or my customers.

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If you haven’t already - also try to speak to someone higher up in the company first.

Or the company owner if you can. I am sure they will agree it will be very difficult to prove authenticity of the goods to Amazon.

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That’s what I just said to the guy I’m dealing with why would you remove the QR codes he told me we sell them cheap because they’re decoded he told me and the clean one are more expensive.

That itself makes me think that these are either stolen or fake, and on the price it was only a £1 cheaper and I bought a big quantity to get to that price, and as you said I’ll escalate this to the company director.