Putting my store on vacation settings

Hello! I need your help on how to put my storefront on vacation mode.

I will be out of town for a week and I need to put my FBM inventory as inactive, I already went to settings, vacation mode and turned it on. But still appearing my inventory as active. Do I need to wait 24 hrs to take effect this change? or how do I do it correctly?

Thank you!

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Usually 15 minutes needed to be activated.

If you have anything pending, make sure you keep an eye on your account as these orders could become viable.


To put your storefront on vacation mode and make your FBM inventory inactive, you’ve already taken the right steps by going to settings and enabling vacation mode. Normally, the change should take effect immediately, but sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for the inventory to appear as inactive. Give it a little more time.


Changing your Listings Status to Inactive will remove your self-fulfilled listings from Amazon product detail pages and search results within one hour.

Things to remember while your listings are inactive

You must process return requests and respond to messages from customers within 24 hours, even if your listings are set to Inactive.