Provide information to comply with Directive on Administrative Cooperation (DAC7)

Announcement reposted from Amazon Europe:

If your primary address is in the EU and you generate €2,000 or more in sales or complete 30 or more transactions in the calendar year, you must provide information required under the Directive on Administrative Cooperation – 7th amendment (DAC7).

DAC7 is a European legislation that requires online stores that facilitate sales on behalf of sellers with a primary address in the EU to report revenue and business information to tax authorities annually.

To comply, you’ll need to confirm and update required information – such as Tax Identification Number, Company Registration Number or permanent establishments – for all of the stores that you’re active in. The EU is considered a single store, so if you only sell in EU countries you only need to update your information once in the EU store of your choice.

You will have 60 days after receiving the first email and performance notification on Seller Central to comply by taking the following actions:

  1. Add the required information in the Legislation Compliance DAC7 portal
  2. Review your required information and declare that it’s accurate every 36 months.

3.Note:* Every time that you change any of the required business information, such as your business address, you must review and declare your information again.

If you don’t submit the required information for each of your Amazon selling accounts (including those outside of the EU), Amazon is obliged to deactivate your account and withhold your funds until your information has been provided and verified.

To learn more, go to Directive on Administrative Cooperation 7th amendment.