Protecting account metrics as a dropshipper

I am doing dropshipping from US to UK. My account is healthy right now.

The problem is if you do dropshipping, you don’t have any invoice without any sale of the item. We don’t have any letter of authorisations from any company because we are trying to list item as much as we can to raise our sales. It put our store in danger.

New AHR system gives you 200 points but once you have single counterfeit violation, it cuts your 8 points. We will have only 12 violation right to make our account unsuspended. If you have more than 10k listing, it is not possible. Since we don’t have any chance to gather letter of authorization for 10k listing, we are worried about it. We already 30 violation as counterfeit complaints.

What is your advice on it ? I really wonder. Thank you

Hello, nice to see you there :slight_smile:

Actually, regarding the Account Health dashboard, you are not the only one who is unable to get complaints lifted.

Many sellers don’t have authorization letters or invoices and those are not just dropshippers.

A very small fraction of sellers has all required documentation to dispute complaints.

The good news is that Amazon has recently gotten a lot less stricter.

To maintain your account healthy, simply check your metrics daily and once you receive any complaint, delete the listing and have the defect removed by ticking the boxes that you acknowledge the violation.

Even if you don’t manage to have some defects removed, they will disappear after 180 days on their own.


hello, thank you for the reply. yes for now i am acknowledging. But some of my friends got deactivated due to high volume of complaints to their accounts, even though they acknowledged. Do you know the degree of suspend conditions ? How many trademark complaint we can get until deactivations ? Also do you have information when amazon will move account health section to newly announced AHR system ? If they change the system, we ll have noly 9 10 complaints before got suspended. Can we arrange any invoice to remove it by photoshop ? I wonder what’s your advise ? Thank you in advance

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Better get a good lawyer, if you have that many complaints you have a high probability of getting ensnared in some legal proceedings. It takes months of investigation and research before they will act, so keep that in mind.