Promotional Campaigns Multi Buy Discounts

We have tried to apply a multi-purchase Promotion volume discount to a range of ASINs. The deal is buy 3 for X £ fixed price or buy 5 for X £ fixed price. The idea being the same products would create a volume discount for any combination you purchase. This did not work what happened was that somebody buying 5 items got a cumulative discount for 3 and 5 deal. Amazons seller support person tells me they are not sure if what we want to do is possible. Does anyone else have experience with the promotions used in this way as the Amazon support person does not inspire me with any confidence considering I had to correct her 3 times and she managed to delete our bank account details for some unexplicable reason! We have been offered a month free for her error and it took a painful 6 emails to get the bank account back on, hence my reluctance to believe her opinion.

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve encountered with the multi-purchase Promotion volume discount on Amazon. While I don’t have access to specific account details or recent updates to Amazon’s seller support, I can provide some general insights and suggestions:

  1. Clarify your promotion requirements: Double-check your promotion setup to ensure that you have configured it correctly. Make sure you have specified the correct quantity thresholds for the discounts (e.g., 3 items for X £ or 5 items for X £). Review Amazon’s guidelines for creating volume discount promotions to ensure you are following the recommended steps.
  2. Review promotion eligibility: Check if the ASINs you have included in the promotion meet the requirements for the volume discount. Verify that the ASINs are correctly listed and eligible for promotions. Certain ASINs may have restrictions or exclusions that prevent them from participating in specific promotions.
  3. Contact Amazon support again: If you believe the seller support person you initially spoke with may not have provided accurate information or solutions to your issue, consider reaching out to Amazon support again. Explain the problem you encountered, provide specific examples, and request clarification on whether your intended promotion is possible. Different support agents may have varying levels of expertise, and it’s possible that another representative can offer a more informed response.
  4. Consult with other sellers: Seek insights from other sellers who have experience with similar promotions or have faced similar challenges. Engage with online seller communities, forums, or social media groups where sellers share their experiences and can provide guidance based on their own experiences with promotions on Amazon.
  5. Test and experiment: Consider running small-scale tests of the promotion to validate its functionality. Create test orders using different quantities and combinations to observe how the discount is applied. By experimenting with real or simulated orders, you can gain firsthand knowledge of how the promotion behaves and identify any issues that need to be addressed.
  6. Evaluate alternative promotion types: If the volume discount promotion doesn’t fulfill your requirements, explore other types of promotions that may better suit your needs. Amazon offers various promotion types, such as percentage-off discounts, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers, or coupon promotions. Assess whether one of these alternatives could achieve the desired outcome for your specific scenario.

Remember to document any issues or errors encountered during your communication with Amazon support. Keep track of relevant order numbers, case numbers, and timestamps to provide comprehensive information when seeking assistance or reporting any unresolved issues to Amazon.

I hope these suggestions help you find a resolution for your promotion concerns. Good luck, and I hope your future interactions with Amazon support are more productive.