Profit margins for beauty sellers


when I find the best beauty product which suits the criteria for wholesale, then the profit margin and ROI is low.

Or the MOQ is high! What should I do? As a newbie, I dont want to invest more that’s why I cant choose the products with high MOQ.

If I go for low margin product is that ok?

Please everyone share your ideas thanks

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Usually if the product/asin has a good ranking then the profit tends to be lower. If you are still profitable and it has good sales volume I would do a test order and look to negotiate the price with your supplier as you increase your purchase quantity


It happens mostly in wholesale that’s why its different from OA. You can go for low MOQ also if purchasing from authorized distributor or brand itself.


If you’re new to the business and want to minimize investment, consider starting with low-margin products with lower MOQs. This can help you gain experience and build your business before taking on higher-risk, high-MOQ products. Good Luck!


To enhance your product research, try being more creative. Hidden opportunities lie in unexpected niches and keywords. Even with a slim profit margin, success is possible if you’re moving a significant number of units and keeping PPC costs low. Additionally, testing products is worthwhile to understand their market viability, and differentiation is a key factor in success.