Products sent abroad and buyers not collecting them amazon are not refunding my postage costs

Hi any advice how to get my postage refunded back to me after amazon refunded the buyer in sweden the full amount of products that were returned to me in the uk after the buyer did not collect the items in time. This keeps happening when sending products abroad . Initially the buyer paid £18.99 postage to send from uk to sweden .Amazon have now refunded the total of goods and the postage of £18.99 Again i am out of pocket in the last year i have had five packets returned to me because buyers especially the ones abroad do not collect there items. costing me £130 in total No emails from them to ask where is there parcel. They go straight to amazon and open a case items not received. It clearly shows on the packet that the postman writes not collected in time or refused packet . How do i get my postage costs refunded

Your buyers are entitled to cancel their orders for any reason and receive a full refund, including the original shipping cost.

Not collecting a package from the post office and having it returned back by the carrier is viewed as a return/cancellation by both Amazon and the law.

Thanks for the info. How does that answer OP’s ‘not collected and returned’ issue. :yum: :kissing_heart: