Product Under Hazmat Review


I need help to understand this. I want to change it from FBM to FBA but it says this.

Do I have to provide any documentations or what? Cause I’m selling cans

You chose fulfilled by Amazon not by merchant, you need to list it again and select fulfill by merchant

No need to provide any document just wait for few days and it will automatically change to FBA if it will eligible

Amazon will 1st do a review and then decide 1 of 3 things, 1 they don’t see it a risk and you can continue to change to FBA, 2 they require a SDS before they approve for you to change to FBA or 3 they see it as a risk and deny you FBA for this item.

Cans may be difficult to get approved into FBA. You can create a new SKU for the asin and choose FBM when creating it to avoid the hassle

Sometimes this just happens if your product is logically not a hazmat product. All things should be good. Just create a case with seller support. Also it’s better if you add the screen shot. Often all you need to do is to wait. I have been flagged for some whack stuff before.