Product subject to RED and RoHS directives

Hey everyone!

So, I’ve got this product that falls under the RED and RoHS directives. I’m planning to bring it over for Amazon FBA under my private label in Europe. The manufacturer handed over some test reports from ZKT Shenzhen (anyone heard of them?).

My question is this: Can I just declare myself CE compliant using these reports? Or do I need to redo all the tests to have my private label brand on them?

Would love to hear from anyone who’s been in a similar boat or has some insights.


When it comes to CE compliance, it’s important to ensure that your product meets all the necessary requirements and standards. While the test reports from ZKT Shenzhen can be helpful, it’s recommended to consult with a certification body or a regulatory expert to determine if you can declare yourself CE compliant based on those reports. They can guide you on whether additional testing or documentation is needed for your private label brand.

Feel free to PM me for more guidance