Product Related Domestic Reverse Charge for Italian use cases

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Business-to-business product-specific VAT calculations are being extended to certain types of listings across Amazon’s European stores.

The current European Business-to-Business product-specific VAT calculations will be extended to include certain sales in Italy. Effective, June 27, 2023, we will apply the product-related domestic reverse charge (0% VAT) to sales that meet the following conditions:

  • Sale of electronic items subject to product-related domestic reverse charge. In Italy, this includes cell phones, computer chips, e-readers, laptop computers, tablet computers, or video game consoles.
  • Domestic Business-to-Business sales.
  • Shipment value is above applicable threshold. In Italy there is no threshold.

For more information, go to VAT calculation services which will be updated ahead of the effective date.

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