Product photos in my store

How do you guys proceed to making good quality photos for your products, should I ask a third party service to take them for me, or just use the ones provided by the wholesale vendor? Any recommendations or alternatives. Thank you all


When it comes to product photography, capturing high-quality images is essential to showcase your products effectively. Here are some recommendations to help you create visually appealing photos for your Amazon listings:

  1. Professional Photography: Consider hiring a professional photographer or a third-party service that specializes in product photography. They have the expertise and equipment to create visually appealing images that enhance your product listings. Professionals can help with styling, lighting, and capturing the best angles to showcase your products.
  2. DIY Photography: If you have the necessary skills and equipment, you can choose to take product photos yourself. Invest in a good camera, lighting setup, and a suitable backdrop to capture high-quality images. Pay attention to lighting conditions, composition, and focus to ensure professional-looking photos.
  3. Vendor-Provided Images: Some wholesale vendors may provide product images for you to use. While convenient, assess the quality and suitability of these images. If they meet Amazon’s image guidelines and are of good quality, you can consider using them. However, unique images generally create a more professional and trustworthy impression.

Tips for High-Quality Product Photos:

  • Lighting: Ensure proper illumination without harsh shadows or glares. Natural light or artificial lighting equipment can be used to achieve this.
  • Background: Choose a clean and neutral background that doesn’t distract from the product. White or light-colored backgrounds work well for e-commerce product photography.
  • Composition: Capture the product from different angles and perspectives to showcase its features. Include close-up shots to highlight details.
  • Product Staging: Consider how your product is presented in the photos. Use props or lifestyle settings that resonate with your target audience and create an appealing composition.
  • Image Editing: After capturing the photos, editing may be necessary to enhance colors, adjust brightness and contrast, or remove imperfections. Software like Adobe Photoshop or free alternatives like GIMP can be used for basic photo editing.

Remember, high-quality product images significantly impact sales and customer perception. Investing time and effort into creating appealing visuals that accurately represent your products is worthwhile.

Hope these tips help you capture fantastic product photos!

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Thank you for these tips I will make sure to consider that next time. I personally prefer to keep them real rather than editing them because I end up ruining the original one…hihi

Hi, @Hollowtiger,

Make copies first, and edit them instead of the originals.