Product packaging update creating confusion for buyers

Hi everyone,

I was selling a product with old packaging but the brand owner recently updated the packaging and manufacturer’s name for this product, which led to a slight mismatch between the photos and the display name on the Amazon listing. And I got complaint from customer that says it is not same as in the Amazon.

After this complaint I closed listing and tried to update the information to match the new packaging, and I was able to change the photos. However, I couldnt change the product title.And then I opened a case to Amazon to ask them to change product’s title and also sent to Amazon a proof that shows the both product is exaclty same and only packaging updated by brand owner with the case. I got this proof from brand owner via email.

After Amazon responded my case and said that this listing is controlling by brand owner and I have to have brand approval from brand owner to make changes on product’s title but the problem is brand owner doesnt give approval to third parties to sell on Amazon.

I have 500 Unit of them on Amazon now since now I sold may be more than 2000 and didnt get that much refund because the quality is same.The photos is updated by me with new one but the display name still slightly different.

Now the listing is inactivsted and I am asking your help. If I get another complaint from customer can I protect myself with brand owner’s comfirmation email?

What should I do?


If you are registered as a contributor of this brand on amazon brandregistry there is no problem to change the title.