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We have a product that is currently ranked 12th, which is excellent for our category. We are making sales both organically and through PPC. However, for some reason, we cannot find ourselves when searching for main keywords. For example, if we search for “bat,” we are not shown, but if we type “bats,” we are ranked at the top. We feel like we may be missing out on sales.

Please help.

It may mean you’re out ranked for BAT. Use incognito browser and see how you appear.

Still nothing.

Contact SS, they may refresh the listing.

Will this reset our rank ?

Hang on I just read your original post again. I misunderstood before (thought you could not see your listing). You rank top for BATS but nothing for BAT. Does your PPC include BAT? Or is BAT in the title?

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Try rewording the title to include both: BATS and BAT.

Alot of people use Helium 10. but I use Jungle Scout because it’s a bit more user friendly. It’s expensive, around £500 per year, but really helps with listing creation, search words, gives you alot of words for A+ Content. Now with AI incorporated, it doesn’t it all for you. Plus allows you to see which seller is ranking for what words, and whether it’s organic or PPC.

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You are welcome :slight_smile: