Product inserts

if you are adding an insert to your product package, do you have it done in China by your supplier and then shipped to Amazon - or do you ship to yourself and package and send to Amazon from home? Not sure what to do. Thanks

It really depends on many factors.

If you need to change your offerings and sale prices frequently it would be best to do that locally.


Better do it yourself than rely on someone else

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Hi @Dsbl ,

If it’s informational about the product, you can have the manufacturer insert it, if you trust them. Actually, I agree with @PC_Parts, I never trusted my business to anyone else.

If it’s any sort of advertisement about your company, discount, website information, etc. DON’T DO IT! You need to remember, these are Amazon;s customers. Eventually, you will be caught, and could be suspended for life.


Our competitors are doing it and getting away with if for a long time. What amazon says and what amazon does are two different things.

I would not feel bad about doing it, amazon has zero respect for my company. They have attacked my company, made several of my items prohibited and yet the sellers from china can do an exact replica of our products and still sell them on amazon. Let us not forget the false IP infringement claims to take down our popular listings. Its not a transient issue, it has gone on for several years.

So with that said, why should any one be inclined to follow the rules outlined by an amoral company…


Yes. I understand. As an honest person, I’m just a “stickler” for the rules. I would never advise anyone to ignore and/or break them.

I did turn a seller in for sending promotional material. We were involved in a IP dispute. I figured it was least I could do to this person. Amazon did nothing, of course.

I really should not have any loyalty left for them. They really did put us out of business, just before the Holiday season, with all of our holiday inventory in FBA. We went from a 6-digit income to zero.

While people still come here to buy my products, we hardly have anything listed on Amazon anymore, and haven’t had time to add more products. Most of our income right now is coming from our website. That’s the good news…


I always considered you on the high road, I am too.

When the online bullies get me in the corner and no other options exist it is time to drop to their level and work your self out of the corner.

Even eBay is starting to smell, not sure why they are attacking my company. Down 70% on that site. Oddly enough, we only have a hand full of items on amazon and it out performed eBay… several times.

Yes, that is helping us out tremendously. Our budgeting was based upon years of steady ebay sales and then they decide to attack my company over the last few months. That is going to take some more time to unwind.

It was not this bad even back in 2007-2009, that was the end of us selling expensive machinery. Partly due to the economy and when ebay dumped the “store” inventory into core search it hurt. Then to make matters worse ebay removed bold and category featured listings. We also had a dedicated rep at the time, my sales manager had a good relationship with him. I knew what their plans were in advance and knew what was going to happen. She worked with our rep and he finaly said that he was told IT IS NOT FAIR TO OTHERS SINCE THEY ARE SUCCESFULL. Fact of the matter is the “others” were too cheap and stupid thus failed to use the same tools we used to get product sold. I think he got fired letting that out, after that we no longer had a rep…


It’s like I always said, “Only the good die young.” But, I have come to know that they will not get away with it. They will all be held accountable for their actions.


We can only hold for so long.

That is why we don’t own a house in the “billionaires bunker” of Miami…

Hard work and honesty does not go very far. Just look at the $20M issue that is going on, rest my case.