Product inserts with social media links

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I’ve a doubt. In my product insert cards when fulfilled by merchant, is it possible to add my website and social media ? Or is it forbidden ?

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No. You need to remember that these are Amazon’s customers. Any attempt to move them off the Amazon platform and/or promote your business will most likely get you suspended.

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As @FunkyMonkey says, you shouldn’t be including any promotional leaflets or requests for review.

From what I known, Amazon doesn’t mind social media links, as long as they constitute a part of the packaging - such as printed on the box itself.

I wouldn’t be asking for reviews nor ask them to follow me. It’s just to show the social media of the company and the website. And the website is not a e-commerce page. It’s just a website of my cleaning service business. It will be just added the website and socials without saying follow me or visit.

Btw in my website I don’t sell my products at all. It’s just my webpage of my cleaning service.

And my Instagram and Facebook would promote my Amazon

Seller code of conduct

Circumventing the sales process

You may not attempt to circumvent the Amazon sales process or divert Amazon customers to another website. This means that you may not provide links or messages that prompt users to visit any external website or complete a transaction elsewhere.

Selling policies and seller code of conduct

Amazon seldom gives second chances.

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