Product in FBA, suddenly marked as “Defective”

On the 23rd of May, our products were suddenly marked as “defective”.
Is there any way to solve this problem? Who decides that a product can be defective?

Amazon decides what is defective, and who is responsible.

The products should have been placed into your Unfulfillable inventory,. You want to remove them ASAP.

Remove unsellable inventory automatically

When inventory that is in a fulfillment center is not in sellable condition, its status changes to Unfulfillable and it is set aside. If you don’t create a removal order for your unsellable inventory within 14 days after we notify you of its required removal, it’s likely to be automatically disposed.

Then you should set it up to be removed automatically, so that your inventory won’t automatically be disposed.


Thank you, I will do the removal order and see what I receive back. Do you think I can claim any compensation if the goods were damaged in Amazon FC?


You’re welcome…

It’s hard to get Amazon to admit that your products were damaged in their warehouse, no matter how obvious it is. But, it’s always worth a try.

Best wishes…