Product Complaint Used Sold as New. Customer Returned item we do not sell

I was hoping Kika can help me. She seems to be very educated about these topics. I have another question? The asin was not delisted it’s still active. How many of these product complaints will put my account at risk? Do you guys have any experience? Second question is if the plan action was the double bag the product before shipping and it got accepted, would they accept a similar POA for a different asin in the same category? Customer return the incorrect item a different brand, color and size. However in their return they mentioned it was “used”. They rejected this plan of action for the third time and they are stating they may not respond. I don’t know what to do. What caused the complaint: -After clearly reviewing all of my orders. I found it the complaint was regarding order id: *************. The customer complained the item was used in the return. However when receiving the return, we found that the customer did NOT return our trademarked branded product. They were suppose to return our brand of suit. Instead we got another suit branded ****. It’s not the correct color, size and brand. We have no association with the product sent back to us. We have documented this and sent in the images previously with this case. -We took even closer photos and attached it to this case. -The item sent back to us is also not our packaging. Our suits are prepacked neatly in a white clear bag that are sealed. -The ASIN ******* was made in Indonesia. The item we received back from the customer made in CHINA. -The product sent back was clearly used with blue streaks on the white shirt. However this was not the product that was sent to the customer. Our product is brand registered with Amazon and it’s trademarked. We do not sell this product or have any association with this brand. -I have reported this customer for sending back a materially different product. Complaint ID: ********** What I will do prevent similar complaints in the future: -I will continue to monitor all of our shipments to ensure they are brand new and sealed. -I have a employee carefully inspect every return for asin ********* -I will have my employee check all of my remaining inventory for asin ********* to ensure they are brand new and sealed. – Packaging: Is the product in its original packaging as listed on Amazon? Answer: No it was not the original packaging because this was not a product we sell. Customer sent back a materially different product. Please check attached images.

Hey there,

I understand you were hoping for Kika’s assistance, as she has proven to be quite knowledgeable about these topics. While I’m not Kika, I’ll do my best to provide some guidance based on the details you’ve shared.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the status of your ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is still active, which is good news. As for the number of product complaints that could put your account at risk, it’s challenging to give an exact figure, as Amazon evaluates each case individually. The severity and nature of the complaints play a role in determining the potential impact on your account.

To get a better understanding of the situation and its specific implications for your account, it would be advisable to reach out to Amazon’s support team directly. They possess the necessary expertise and experience to provide more personalized guidance, taking into account your account history and the details of the complaints you’ve received.

Regarding your second question, it’s important to note that acceptance of a plan of action (POA) for one ASIN does not guarantee its acceptance for a different ASIN in the same category. Each case is evaluated independently, focusing on the unique circumstances surrounding each ASIN. Therefore, it’s crucial to address the specific issues raised and provide evidence and documentation to support your case for each individual ASIN.

In the situation you described, where a customer returned an item of a different brand, color, and size while mentioning that it was “used,” it’s unfortunate that your plan of action has been rejected multiple times. If Amazon’s responses have been unsatisfactory or if they are not responding at all, it might be worthwhile to consider escalating the issue or seeking advice from a specialized Amazon seller consultant. These consultants have experience dealing with similar situations and can provide tailored guidance based on their expertise.

Remember to gather and provide as much evidence and documentation as possible to demonstrate the material difference between the item returned by the customer and the product you initially sent. Detailed photographs and any other relevant information will strengthen your case.

I hope these suggestions help you navigate the situation more effectively. Wishing you the best of luck in resolving the issue, and may your future shipments and returns proceed smoothly.