Problems getting my bank details verified

I’m having problems re-verifying my bank account information. I’ve uploaded the bank statement with the registered business name which has been the same for 4 years, but re-verification is declined due to " The name of the registered entity that you entered in Seller Central when you registered your account does not match the name of the bank account holder in the bank statement."
This means Amazon is requiring that my personal name be shown on the bank statement as the account holder which is impossible for the business account. I called the bank an d they can’t add or replace my business name with my personal name.
Would letter from my bank stating that I own this business account help getting the bank account verified?
I appreciate if anyone could share how they resolved this.
Thanks in advance!

Inform Act policy clearly mentioned that a seller can able to submit statements on personal or on LLC documents.

I have recently applied the same on my account instead on personal details I have submitted statement on my business details which got approved