Problem ungating products


Experiencing an issue about ungating office products, grocery products on individual professional selling account. Every time its showing as “your account doesn’t qualify”. Even opened case with amazon about it, they told that your account metrics doesn’t meet our requirements.

How to solve this issue? Please guide

If you metrics are low from poor performance and related your days are more than likely numbered.

On the other hand if your metrics are low due to lack of sales you can do like so many do. Go to alibaba and order a several cases of trinkets and sell them at a loss. Hope that your buyers will leave feedbacks, once you get enough feedback then try again. If you are successful toss the trinkets in the trash and start selling what makes money.


Thank you. Do you think it is possible to get ungated in Nike as a new seller?

I don’t know for fact, my guess would be you would need to place an initial order and have a commitment to buy more. Becoming a “real” dealer is the precursor to getting the gate opened on amazon.

If Nike really wanted you as a seller they would place the inventory in all your stores at no cost. All the big retailers work like that, they have next to nothing in stock. Only ones that actually have money in the inventory are small time sellers.


My experience is yes, although this was about 6 months ago. I used Kohls. I hope this will work for you also

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