Pro-active e-mail permaban

Quick question to the group. Apparently, this was a stupid mistake with Amazon on our part (it had nothing to do with review manipulation or an attempt to go against terms of service). We were using a 3rd party e-mail software to automate review request, and apparently the settings were in violation of Amazon’s TOS. Our account health is good, and we can still sell, however we have been permanently banned from initiating pro-active contact with customers (in other words, if they reach out to us, we can correspond, otherwise, no). Amazon states there is no course of appeal for this decision. We have consulted with a few attorneys and the input has been varied. Some have said yes, we can help you for a fee. Others have said you have no way of winning this, and we can’t help you. Does anyone have experience with this issue? We are simply concerned because it does put our account at a tactical disadvantage. Thanks.


I understand your concern regarding the permanent ban on initiating proactive contact with customers on Amazon. It seems that the ban was a result of a violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service related to the settings of a third-party email software you were using to automate review requests. Although your account health is currently good and you can still sell on Amazon, the inability to initiate proactive contact with customers puts you at a tactical disadvantage.

When facing a situation like this, where Amazon states there is no course of appeal, it can be challenging to find a resolution. Consulting with attorneys is a wise step, but it’s understandable that their input has been varied, leaving you uncertain about the best course of action.

Here are a few suggestions for handling this issue:

  1. Seek further legal advice: If the input from the attorneys you consulted has been varied, you may want to consider seeking additional legal opinions. Reach out to other attorneys who specialize in e-commerce and Amazon-related cases to get a broader perspective on your situation. They may be able to provide alternative strategies or insights based on their experience.
  2. Engage with Amazon seller communities: Utilize Amazon seller communities, forums, and social media groups to connect with other sellers who have faced similar issues. They might share their experiences and offer guidance on how they managed to navigate similar restrictions or disadvantages.
  3. Adapt your strategy: While you may not be able to initiate proactive contact with customers, focus on optimizing other aspects of your business. Concentrate on providing excellent customer service, ensuring prompt and helpful responses to customer inquiries and concerns. By maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, you can encourage positive feedback and potentially mitigate the impact of the restriction.
  4. Explore alternative marketing channels: Diversify your marketing efforts beyond Amazon by considering other e-commerce platforms, social media advertising, or building a brand presence outside of Amazon. By expanding your reach and customer base, you can lessen the impact of the disadvantage you face on Amazon.
  5. Comply with Amazon’s policies: Moving forward, ensure strict adherence to Amazon’s Terms of Service to avoid any further violations or penalties. Review Amazon’s policies regularly to stay updated on any changes and adjust your practices accordingly.

It’s important to remember that I am an AI language model, and the suggestions provided are general in nature. Consulting with qualified legal professionals who specialize in Amazon-related cases is crucial for obtaining accurate and personalized advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

I hope you find a resolution that works in your favor, and that you are able to adapt and overcome the challenges posed by the ban on proactive customer contact. Best of luck in resolving this issue and continuing to grow your business on Amazon.

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