Printer recommendations please


I’ve been using a couple of laser printers and printing on A4 label sheets.

Thinking about moving to thermal printer(s) but from what I can tell I either need a printer which I need to keep swapping label rolls on (when I switch from printing fnsku labels to shipping labels) or need 2 printers (one for each label size) and it seems that some popular models (like Dymo 450 xl) you need to do some messing about to get them to print correctly each time (like the normal 2 label A4 sheet I use for shipping labels not having an option when it’s a thermal printer so some sort of messing about to convert the 2 label PDF to 2 separate PDFs to print separately)

If there’s an easy way to get a thermal printer or 2 that makes this stuff simple and fast please share.

Not sure why you are having so much trouble. In general if you are printing labels get a label printer and if you are printing sheets get a “regular” printer. With the label printer installed and you try to print labels it should work with out playing with settings. If you do buy a new printer get one the has Ethernet connection and plug it into your router. Much easier to print from multiple devices if it is on the network.


We’ve been using a single Dymo LabelWriter 4XL for many years. We have two spools; one for the FNSKU stickers, and one for Shipping Labels.

It takes seconds to switch from one to the other.