Price competitiveness

From your experience, what is the sweet spot, above the lowest price, that you should not cross if you want to be price competitive? For me I try not to go more than 20% above the lowest price.

Now I know that there are other parameters affecting the chance to win the Buy Box, but let’s assume that they are equal and the only variable here is the price.

I always match the BuyBox when it is with an FBA seller as I only do FBA.

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You match the BuyBox as long as it is not under your minimim, right?

Maybe not as long its not profitable

Everything starts at the moment of buying. Assuming that you analyze the deal correctly, you will be matching the Buy Box when with an FBA seller at a profitable price. However, if something goes wrong and you need to get rid of the stock, then you sell below the breakeven point.

Assuming there is nothing wrong and you don’t want to get rid of the stock, I think in this case you have a minimum you won’t go below when you follow the BB price, right?

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I do not buy anything bellow 10% margins so when analyzing i make sure that the price is not going bellow my min for the next 3 months, but if it happens then depending on the situation I either wait or drop the price and get rid of the stock.