Prepping fragile items for FBA shipment

What’s the recommend way to prep/package fragile items like a jam bottle?

Bubble wraps can work and it’s cheap.

If you want other hard bubble plastic cover it will be costly.

You can use double bubble wrap or pack it all tightly in a box.

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Bubble wrap

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Pallets and with label fragile outside.

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Personally, if the bubble wrap is self-adhesive then that’s okay. However if the bubble wrap is not self-adhesive I will add poly bag just for extra protection and peace of mind.

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How much would you be able to afford to protect the product? Do you get enough profit for the trouble?

The ones like in the picture protects very well but they may be pricey. I never used such a protection, just nice bubble wrap works for my products.



I saw pictures of the product damaged in a bubble wrap. Any specific kind of bubble wrap that would keep such products safe during shipping?

Not a lot. Margin isn’t too juicy. Would see if something similar fits into my cals. Thank you

Corrugated carton


Air pillows


Another kind of air pillows


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