Prep center agreement

Amazon asks for a Prep centers agreement, from where we can get this ?

And also ask for the suppliers list. Suppliers lists are different from invoices ?

Because they also required different.

After video verification Amazon asked for this.

Need some suggestions!

Thank you.

Ask your prep center for an agreement, if they don’t have one already, ask them to generate one for you for this purpose.

Then give Amazon the list of your suppliers. Just go through your orders spreadsheet.

Are they asking for all your suppliers?

This is simply so that Amazon can identify that the products being shipped into Amazon are going through a well established 3pl business.

A good prep center familiar with Amazon should be able to supply user agreements, letterheads, company details to assist with any form of account suspension.

Ask your prep center for the agreement and they’ll provide one. Regarding suppliers, simply provide a list of all the suppliers you’ve sourced your inventory from, along with invoices or at least each suppliers website and contact address.


Thank you for reaching out with your questions regarding Amazon’s requirements for a Prep centers agreement and suppliers list. I understand that navigating Amazon’s compliance requirements can be challenging, but I’m here to provide guidance and assistance.

To address your concerns:

  1. Prep Centers Agreement: A Prep centers agreement is a document that outlines the terms and conditions between your business and a third-party prep center that will be handling the preparation and packaging of your inventory for Amazon’s fulfillment centers. You can typically obtain a Prep centers agreement directly from the prep center you plan to use. Reach out to the prep center and request their standard agreement or discuss your specific needs with them to draft a customized agreement.

  2. Suppliers List: The suppliers list is a separate document that provides information about the suppliers or manufacturers of the products you intend to sell on Amazon. This list should include the names, contact information, and other relevant details of your suppliers. It’s important to distinguish between invoices, which are documentation of specific transactions, and the suppliers list, which provides an overview of your sourcing relationships. Compile a list of your suppliers and ensure that it includes all the necessary information requested by Amazon.

When providing documentation to Amazon, be sure to follow their guidelines and provide accurate and complete information. If Amazon has requested these documents after video verification, it’s important to respond promptly and thoroughly to avoid any delays or complications with your account.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with obtaining the Prep centers agreement or compiling the suppliers list, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to help you navigate through the process and ensure compliance with Amazon’s requirements.