PPC Sponsored Display Ads

I was shocked to know the result of one of the campaign. This is Sponsored Display, created last May 26, as I checked the spending was already $500 in just one day on June 1?!!?, and the daily budget of the campaign is only $10. How is that possible?

As I create the campaign last May 26, there is only minimal traction recorded on that day, and no traction recorded between May 27 to 31. Is this a glitch on Amazon end?

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Hello @Faraz97,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with PPC exceeding your budget. Is this your first time using Sponsored Products? A similar thing happened to me as well.

It seems to me that someone must have clicked multiple times on your advertised products and the spend should be corrected after a few days. Try calling the Seller Support to see if they can give you some insight into what exactly happened.


@Kika it’s first time that using sponsored Display Ads on this account but No idea happened yesterday.


Contact the Seller Support for explanation and then come back to share an update what did they tell you.


Hi Faraz97,

I’m sorry to hear that. This seems to be an issue that you should raise with seller support.