PPC Search terms appear as Broad Modifier Match Type

Can any one share the logic behind the ppc search terms appear as broad modifier match type.
For eg “toys+for+kids”

Broad modifier match type is a keyword match type that allows for more flexibility and reach compared to other match types. When a search term is specified as a broad modifier match type, it means that the advertiser wants their ads to appear when any combination of the individual words in the keyword phrase is present in the user’s search query, in any order.

In your example, “toys+for+kids,” the plus sign (+) indicates that all the individual words—‘toys,’ ‘for,’ and ‘kids’—should be present in the user’s search query. However, the order of these words is not strictly enforced. This match type allows for variations like “kids toys,” “toys for children,” “toys suitable for kids,” and so on.