PPC Managment of non performing keywords | Pause, Archive, Neg-Match or Reduce Bid to minimum?

Hi Guys,

I try to find/understand the best way to deal with non-performing keywords in my PPC campaigns. I found many people online stating that you should never ‘archive’ or ‘pause’ the keyword as it will dramatically affect your organic rankings and indexing of Amazon for certain words. I am completely confused and not sure what should I do with non-performing keywords when I want to get rid of them from my campaign.

Please note that I am talking about EXACT match keywords only for Manual targeting campaigns.

Would appreciate your answers to these questions:

  1. I have a relevant keyword to my product but it is not performing well. Reduced bids, but still performance is bad. Now I need to remove it from my campaign. Should I pause it, archive, neg-match or reduce bid to 0.02 and leave it active? Why?
  2. Let’s say sell ‘hooded baby towels’ but keyword ‘baby towel’ is not performing well for me. Now I want to make it as ‘negative exact match’. Will it affect my organic rankings or indexing of Amazon keyword ‘hooded baby towels’ and other keywords with ‘baby’ and ‘towel’ words?
  3. If I archive this keyword, will it affect indexing of Amazon for this keyword?
  4. If I pause this keyword, will it affect indexing of Amazon for this keyword?
  5. If I reduce the bid to the minimum of 0,02$. Will it affect the overall performance of my campaign in a negative way as I have active non-performing keywords in it?
  6. What is the best practice to deal with the non-performing keyword when reducing the bid does not help?

I am very confused, so for now reducing the bid to 0.02$ as found many sellers stating never to ‘pause’ or ‘archive’ the keywords.

Really appreciate your time and answers :slight_smile:

  1. Depends what you mean by ‘not performing well’. Does this mean AcoS too high? Not converting at all?
    If the ACoS is too high, keep reducing the bids until you reach 0.02 and then give up.
    If the keyword isn’t converting at all - you’re best removing it as you’ll just be throwing money away.
  2. Keywords in sponsored ads won’t prevent or stop a keyword from indexing (this is done from the keywords in your title/search terms). Exact Neg keyword will simply prevent your ad from being shown for the search term ‘Baby Towel’.
  3. Again, this wont affect indexing - possibly your rank.
  4. See Above
  5. If you reduce a bid this low, chances are your advert will be shown every blue moon or only on the 20th page. It will only mean that you’re spending a lot less.
  6. Best practice is to add them to your negative keywords so you’ll never have to pay for it again.