PPC Keyword no clicks

I know from research that a particular keyword is the most popular but even after upping my bid to well over the amazon recommended level in exact match,no clicks why ?

There could be several reasons why you’re not getting clicks despite bidding well over the recommended level for a popular keyword in exact match:

  1. High Competition: The keyword’s popularity may attract significant competition, making it challenging to secure clicks even with a high bid. Other sellers with more competitive products and better ad placements might be getting priority.
  2. Low Relevance: While the keyword is popular, it might not be directly relevant to your product. If the keyword doesn’t align well with your T-shirt designs, potential customers might not find your ads appealing.
  3. Ad Copy and Relevance: The ad copy might not be compelling or tailored to match the keyword. Ensure your ad text and imagery directly relate to the popular keyword to attract clicks.
  4. Low Search Volume: It’s possible that the high popularity of the keyword doesn’t translate into significant search volume on Amazon. This can result in limited opportunities for clicks, regardless of your bid.
  5. Negative Keywords: Check if you have any negative keywords that are inadvertently blocking your ads from showing for the desired search terms.
  6. Budget and Scheduling: Review your campaign budget and scheduling to ensure your ads are running at times when potential customers are actively searching.
  7. Quality Score: Amazon considers ad relevancy and performance when determining ad placement. A low-quality score might affect your ad’s visibility despite a high bid.
  8. Ad Placement: Your ad might not be displaying in prime ad placements, reducing the likelihood of clicks.

To address the issue, consider optimizing your ad campaign by refining ad copy, ensuring keyword relevance, and adjusting targeting and budget settings. Regularly monitor performance and make data-driven adjustments to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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