PPC Agencies / Sales Agencies

Does anyone here have any experience with PPC / Full service sales agencies?

How do they charge? What is a typical fee structure?


The fee structure of PPC/full-service sales agencies can vary depending on the services offered and the agency’s pricing model. Some common fee structures include:

  1. Percentage of Ad Spend: The agency charges a percentage (often ranging from 10% to 20%) of your total ad spend as their fee. This model aligns their compensation with the ad budget they manage for you.
  2. Fixed Monthly Fee: The agency charges a fixed monthly fee regardless of your ad spend. This model is often suitable for sellers with consistent advertising needs.
  3. Performance-Based Fee: The agency charges a fee based on specific performance metrics, such as sales generated or a target ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) achieved.
  4. Hybrid Model: Some agencies combine different fee structures, customizing their pricing based on the services provided and the needs of the seller.
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I would advise you to ask @usmanyousaf112 and @Tim-PPC for more information about the fee structure.

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