Potential intellectual property issue

Amazon recently removed one of my ASIN’s for a potential intellectual property infringement. I have reached out to the large brand who owns the design and they advised this is an issue they will not get involved in as the issue is with Amazon and not them. Amazon however are just replying with a copy and paste message asking for a letter of authority which will not be provided. Any one else had a similar issue and managed to resolve it?


Try to liquidated your inventory as soon as possible

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Do you mean suspected IP violations? What does the warning say?

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Did you manage to get this solved?

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Hello @Lylolil44,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints.

These are triggered by bots but still need to be addressed to prevent account deactivation.

You will need to edit the product titles to remove any third party trademarked brand names which do not match with the product’s actual brand entered in the “Brand” field.

Also, the other action would be placing the brand name from the title into the “Brand” field to ensure that it matches with the one entered in the title.

Feel free to watch my informative video regarding the matter: How to deal with Suspected Intellectual Property Infringement Complaints on Amazon by Kika Angelic - YouTube