Policy update for automotive and marine emissions tuners

Announcement reposted from Amazon United States:

As of March 11, 2024, you’re now required to provide a California Air Resources Board Executive Order (CARB EO) number for new and existing listings of automotive and marine emission tuners to ensure that these products are compliant with the Clean Air Act.

The Clean Air Act prohibits the sale of any device that unlawfully interferes with or disables an engine’s emission controls (defeat devices). This new requirement helps to prevent the sale of these defeat device tuners.

If a valid CARB EO number is not provided for an automotive or marine tuner listing, the listing may be removed until a valid CARB EO number is provided.

For more details on the compliance requirements and instructions on how to submit a CARB EO number, go to Automotive and powersports and California Air Resources Board (CARB).