Please help

I just got back from a holiday and received this letter, it’s says respond within 7 days by email, so I called them they said the person dealing with it is on holiday, but they will get another lawyer to call back, haven’t heard anything back yet or anything from amazon.

Around a month ago, my wife had 4x packs of unused pen sets from a art project she done over a year ago and gifted them to me just to get rid of as no longed needed. I didn’t look much into prices and believed it was little under selling price but might have been mistaken with simular product or variation.

I am worried as don’t believe she still has receipt, I’ve only been selling for 3 months now and really enjoying it, I mainly do wholesale and OA.

Any advice or opinion would be greatly appreciated.

They can’t accuse you of it being stolen just because you decide to sell at a lower price. You can sell at any price you like. You have no formal agreement with them.

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Respond and say it was not stolen, if you respond at all.

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It was only 4xunits and belive sold out within a couple of days, what would I do if they asked for receipt though, I was naive as inexperienced wouldn’t ever sell personal product again, as want to keep this business professional as possible.

None of their business, you could have bought bankrupt stock.


I’ve had these a few times with similar wording stating the item must have been stolen. In both cases the item was actually placed on clearance by a high street retailer as the product just didn’t sell in store and they wanted rid.

In both cases I sent them a store receipt with it a fraction of the RRP and asked the supplier to match the price going forward and I would be happy to sell their product on Amazon. Needless to say the answer was ‘we can’t match that’ and then they buggered off and let me sell out.


Mark as no response needed. Never respond to these because that’s an admission that you received and read it.

In the future never sell anything on Amazon without a receipt or invoice, within 120 days, from an authorized source.

Amazon requires 180 days so 120 gives you some time to sell before it becomes dated.

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They just want to intimidate, so just say you had 4 all sold and sorry and move on.

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Just simply say that you only had 4 units and nothing was stolen. You are not sure where they live, but in your world, you know that companies get rid of stock at a very cheap price when something is not selling, and this is what you did. Ask them not to bother you with all this nonsense, and inform them that next time, your lawyer will speak with them.

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Sorry, what do you mean by (mark as no response needed)? I never emailed but did call them they said person sent is away on holiday but will get someone else to call back bur heard nothing yet.

Yes won’t sell wife’s old sets again, I do 95% time online wholesale so have all invoices saved in emails.

Thanks, but that would not answer what they have requested, or you think that’s enough and I don’t have go into that deeply.

Thanks mate, it’s the only ASIN I don’t have a online receipt or invoice for, looked everywhere, it was 4x units left from project time ago, only reason was sold cheap but even then similar price to other sellers at the time.


Sorry, I thought you meant sent message through email messages. Just ignore then.

Yes, do not worry too much.