Please help, new seller here, I've had my first IP, complaint today

I sell a mainly wholesale and a bit of OA this product is from OA, and I’m a bit lost on what to do I’ve got invoice from the online store (notino) but not sure on what I should do as I sell other products of the same brand, it never looked to have IP issues before I listed and I check the asin just now and can see quite few sellers have dropped off the chart today but still has 6 FBA sellers.

Not gonna lie wanna give up at times with the amount of unknowns trying to educate my self but nothing seems to clear at times, should I call account health and seek advice from them?

Any help to new seller greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Is Amazon demanding anything?



Hi…i was in a similar situation few months ago…if you have invoice and the distributor is authorised to sell them items you will be alright. Contact seller suport and send them the invoices. Good luck

Hmm , you got an ip from Trena , which is a wholesaler from Europe …

1- email the ip issuer, provide the invoice, apologize, (tell them you are a new seller, family business etc) and ask for retraction

2- close and delete the listing

3- send me ur email and I will share with you a video showing how to stay away from ip claims

Notino invoice should work…just highlight the item and submit it

Just submit the invoice to Amazon as instructed.

Right. Why is it always so complicated?

It’s a parallel import ip easy to remove and they are also sometime issued by dodgy sellers as well.

Just submit the invoice and screenshots from Notino website of the product and hopefully you will be fine. Once the ip is retracted, you can decide if you want to sell it or whatever. This depends on your risk tolerance.