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Hello Everyone,

Any one have suggestion for good pictures and video editing website or App based on AI for editing picture ? I am not looking for photoshop. I need something quick and automated.

AI doesn’t work that way. You need to hire a professional infographics designer.

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You are going to love this site. I ditched everything else.

Fotor AI Generator Online - Simple & Fast

Try Fotor® Photo Editor & Graphic Design to Unleash Your Creativity with Various Features. With Professional Templates & Design Resources, Fotor Brings Your Creative Vision to Life.

AI Overview

Generative AI is experimental. Info quality may vary.

Fotor has several AI tools, including:

  • AI art generator: Creates art based on text prompts or uploaded images
  • AI replace tool: Detects and divides images into parts, allowing you to swap parts for desired ones
  • AI photo editor: Allows you to add or replace objects in photos from text prompts
  • AI avatar generator: Creates avatars from photos

Other AI tools include:

Background remover, Cropper, Resizer, Filters, Photo enhancer, AI background generator, Face swap, Magic remove, AI enlarger.


It does now!

Screenshot from 2023-10-10 10-14-01

What is the cost, when ever stuff is offered for free it needs to be treated like a baited trap.
Users are allowing that site to have access to their hard drive. Who knows what ever else they are upto. They also have all of the information needed to back track to your device and embed malware or spy ware.

Look into pegasus (zero click threat) and predator spy ware. You might reconsider where and how you use your phone.


Thank you for sharing, will try this one :ok_hand:

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After a 3-day trial period, I signed up and paid $39.99 for the entire year.

I am completely satisfied with the results.


Glad it is working out, I would still read the fine print.

I would highly recommend setting up a virtual machine and only use it for accessing free sites. If you are compromised the damage is some what limited to that VM. Just delete it and open another one if it starts to smell.


I will, and thank you.

So far, so good.


Thankyou so much all for your comments and help and @FunkyMonkey for the recommendation!

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You’re welcome.

I’m glad that I was able to share the information.

Best wishes…

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