Pending orders for a week

What causes an order to stay pending this long for payment? Anyone else have an order sit idle for 8 days? What does Amazon do in the situation? if the customer ordered it how are they not wondering where it is at this point?

Here are some of the most common reasons for orders being in Pending status:

  • Amazon has been unable to obtain authorization for the buyer’s credit card.
  • The buyer selected convenience store payment but hasn’t completed the payment.
  • For an FBA order, the buyer has qualified for free shipping and the order is waiting for all of the order items to be gathered.
  • For an FBA order, if the order is for multiple items but one item is out of stock. Even if Amazon chooses to divide the order and send the in-stock FBA Units, the order will still show Pending status.

Since 99.9% of pending orders turn into positive sales, just be patient. This happens all the time.