Peak season shipping tips for Amazon Warehousing and Distribution

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Amazon Warehousing and Distribution is a third-party logistics program that provides cost-effective, long-term upstream bulk inventory storage. In addition, the program automatically replenishes your inventory in Prime-ready fulfillment centers.

If you use Amazon Warehousing and Distribution, we’ve prepared tips to limit processing delays and shipment rejections during the holiday season:

  • Don’t send small-parcel deliveries. Amazon Warehousing and Distribution doesn’t currently support small-parcel deliveries.Sending them may lead to delays, lost inventory, and processing complications.
  • Create separate delivery appointments for Amazon Warehousing and Distribution and FBA shipments. Deliveries without a valid Amazon Warehousing and Distribution appointment will be rejected.
  • Inform your carrier that Amazon Warehousing and Distribution and FBA shipments can’t be consolidated into the same truckload. Tell your carrier that shipments can’t be combined, for example, via their online booking form or over the phone.
  • Carriers must arrive within four hours of the scheduled appointment time. Inform your carrier that early arrivals may be turned away and late arrivals can be rescheduled.
  • Label your cartons with the required unique SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) labels. Using the right label ensures that you receive your shipment correctly and prevents processing delays.

If you don’t follow the guidance, Amazon won’t be responsible for lost, rejected, or delayed shipments.

For more information, go to Send shipments to Amazon Warehousing and Distribution.