Payout not going through

Hello all,

my Amazon Seller account supposed to do payout on 09.06 but it hasn’t done it and next day it shows date of next payout on 25.06.

I waited a couple of days and after that I did it manually on 11 June but it hasn’t gone through as well.

Anyone knows what’s wrong in it.

It happened to me last year. While checking settings of my seller central, I found that there was a small red alert with my deposit method, they asked to verify, I simply uploaded the statement and it was verified. After that, disbursements were normal.

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So you manually disbursed on the 11th of June? If yes, then it can take up to 5 days to receive the funds.

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Yes, there were 3-5 days, but after two days of sale it shows more funds to be available for disbursement than i disbursed on 11 June.

I check it all around but nowhere it shows that this money will go to your account.

It made me bit confused.


Thank you.

Is it okay to upload pdf statements?

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Check if you are not missing card details etc on your account…it does take 3-5 working days, but I experienced this at the very beginning because my card wasn’t verified and spoke to my bank to make sure they accept these type of payments.

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Yes, you should upload pdf statement.