asking for business details again?

I received an email today stating that:

*Your Amazon Payments Account information is verified.

We have completed our review of your registration for Amazon Payments. To begin using the service, you will need to integrate the Pay with Amazon button on your website.*

That’s great - if I visit , all the details are indeed confirmed, verified, valid and ready to roll for Amazon Payments.

However, if I login with the same details at , and click either the Pay by Amazon option or Checkout with Amazon option, it throws up a form asking for all my business details again??

Other parts of my info are there like credit card and address, but no business info?

What’s going on - why haven’t my business details been carried over from to ?

It took ages getting approved in the first place, and I don’t want to have all that info verified again when I’ve already done it.


Although you have gone through the verification process for your Sell On Amazon account you will also need to go through the verification process for the .
The reason for this is because each account is treated as a separate entity.

how many days it takes to approve your payment account on selling on

Did you ever get this sorted as I am having similar problems with Amazon payments . Have been through verification and all was well until two weeks ago when they decided to start with holding money because amazon payments say my account information is incomplete . Although I have rung seller support and they have said there is no problem , with my account it’s all verified . It’s just a technical problem but I still haven’t been able to get paid . I have had to suspend all my listings because I I have already sent out thousands in stock and not been paid and no one at Amazon is answering questions they just say they will contact the payments department and I never hear back from them . And it all starts again when I ring them a few days later to check on progress .