Payment is on hold without reason, no reply from Amazon! How can I get my money?

Hi all sellers on Amazon,

I started to sell on Amazon UK in Nov. 2022, I was very happy to see that I would get my 1st payment finally on Feb 14, I waited to the very late night of that day, However, not a penny came into my account. Then I contacted Amazon customer service, they replied soon, related email was sent to the department in charge of payment issue, highlighting “urgent”, I waited for more than 36 hours and no further reply. Then I submitted a new case, the same thing happened like the 1st case, still no reply. Then I emailed to the payment investigation department, it is over 24 hours and no reply yet. I don’t know what the hell is going on!

My feeling is seller rights are not protected at all. Amazon don’t care sellers at all!

Anyone here who had the same problem with me? How can I do next? I don’t want to contact customer service again as it proved not working. I want to ask Mr Bezons: Why they hold my money? When they will release my money? Who has Jeff’s email or phone number, please tell me. Highly appreciate!

When was the date of your first sale?

Because, you should know that as a new seller who registered to sell on Amazon on or after 15th August 2016, you are subject to the Estimated Delivery date reserve.

The money you make from a sale will be held in your account for at least 7 days after the estimated delivery date of each order. Then, it will be added to your available balance and disbursed at your next scheduled settlement date (usually takes 2 weeks).

So waiting for 1-2 months to get paid, especially if you are based outside of the UK is nothing unusual.

I have a few new Seller Accounts and on each of them I waited almost 3 months to get my first disbursement.

Thanks Kika for your explanation. This is the thing Amazon should do, tell me why they are holding my money, not just keep silence. Just checked my first order was on Oct 28, so it is 4 months in 3 days. This is too long! And I don’t know how much longer they will hold my money! What can I do? Instead of waiting in desperation…

You started to sell on Amazon in November. How is it possible that you received your first order in October?

If Amazon isn’t releasing any funds to you, it could be due to the fact that your account might be under a review.

What does your Payments Summary page say?

Hi Kika,

Sorry, I gave wrong info. My brother opened this selling account in Oct. So my 1st sale was in Oct.

I just checked the payments summary page, nothing special, it shows balance, and next payment date. My concern is if Amazon will really release my money at that day? Last payment date was supposed to be Feb 14, but I got nothing. Amazon postponed payment without any notice and reason! I have two questions,
1> How can I know my account is under review?
2> I assume the impact on me is money being hold if my account is under review. What can I do to push Amazon release my money?

Thank you for help.

If you would like to speed up the review, you can appeal by providing Amazon this:

  • How long you’ve been in business
  • The sources of your inventory
  • Anticipated monthly sales on Amazon
  • The availability of items for shipping
  • The address of any retail locations
  • Links to other Amazon websites where you are actively selling
  • Tracking information for recently dispatched orders
  • Your VAT number

And here you can learn more:

Hi Kika,

Thanks very much for your information. I’ll wait and see if money will come into my account on next payment date. If not I will appeal. BTW, Do I just submit all documents to Amazon seller support? From my previous experience I would not see an efficiently solution I guess. Those people will forward my question to some department and keep me waiting. Do you have an email address dealing with appeals?

Many thanks, always!

E-mail [email protected]

Thank you, Kika. I will appeal soon as no money has been released. It seems gonna to be an indefinite postponement, so frustrating!