Payment Disbursment issue from last 3 months

Hello Team,

I really need someone help and advise and wanted to resolve my issue before 5th May otherwise I will face penalty from credit card issuer banks :sob::sob: Please help me in this case.

My concern is regarding payment disbursement issue and i m trying to disburse it from last 1 month but couldn’t able to succeeded, below is the complete case details which i Submitted several time to amazon seller support and different emails of amazon for urgent assistance but couldn’t able to get response from there side.

High Importance Need Urgent help and response of with in 12hours or I will lose my banking Credibility!

Dear Amazon Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out to you after sending email to your teams at on 18th April, [email protected] on 19th April & [email protected] on 26th April 2023, regarding a fund disbursement issue that I have been experiencing with Amazon from 31 st March . I have provided a complete case study of the situation and I am hoping for a resolution on Urgent basis as now I m running out of cash and even i don’t have money to pay my credit card bills which have to pay by this 5 th May 2023 . Please review below complete case and try to get back to me as fast as you can .

We began selling on Amazon from 7th Feb 2023 and connected our HSBC UK bank account (ending with 400) as our deposit method . However, the first two payouts of our account failed to disburse. When I contacted the Seller Support Team, they advised me to submit my bank statement to verify my deposit method. I promptly submitted my bank statement for HSBC UK, but as my LTD was initially registered under the name of Azee Consultancy ltd before registering an account on Amazon and later changed to Higher Orbit Limited and register account on amazon with same Higher Orbit Limited , the account title showed as Azee Consultancy Limited on the bank statement. Amazon rejected this bank statement 1st time, at this time I dont know why amazon reject it so I re submit the same statement again and mean while ask community about this issue and I got the reason from comunity that why my statement got rejected, So, meanwhile HSBC UK bank account (ending with 400) is inder verfication, I added another deposit method from a different bank named Monzo (ending with 100) on March 30th , and submitted its bank statement for verification. On March 31st, I received notification from Amazon that my account had been deactivated, and all funds held in the account. The reason given for this action was that my deposit method had not been verified. They also provided steps on how to verify my deposit method. Upon checking my payment dashboard, I noticed that all funds were being held in an account level reserve instead of the current balance. However, my account remained active and had not been deactivated by the Amazon team. I checked my deposit method and it showed that HSBC account (ending with 400) Verification Failed however Monzo bank account (ending with 100) is still under verification.

On April 3rd, my deposit method of Monzo bank (ending with 100) was finally verified, but my funds remained held and were not available for disbursement. I have since opened 14 cases with the Seller Support Team and explained the complete issue to them, but I have not received any feedback. I then reached out to the Account Health Support Team, and they advised me to submit these all details to all above email address which i mention in my 1st lines. Now after not getting response from every where I am now approaching you for help with the disbursement of my account. It has been a month since my issue first began, and I have not received any response from the Seller Support Team.

I would greatly appreciate your help and support in this matter. For your reference,

I have attached screenshots of my deposit method and payment dashboard. Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

Muhammad Azher Tayyab Higher Orbit Limited / Modlena Distributions

You’ll need to contact SS and failing that [email protected] or [email protected]